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The Pepsi Republic (AKA Pepsiland) is a country created by Pepsiman occupying the western half of Antarctica, the Coke Federation occupying the eastern half.

It was settled in the western half of Antarctica as mentioned above.

As opposed to an empire lead by Googolplex, it is a republic ran by Pepsiman, whose successors are numerable as opposed to the former. This means unlike being the child of a leader to become the successor, whoever gets to be the new leader has to be born and a native of Pepsiland to become the leader.

The leader serves as president for either 5 (one term) or 10 years (two terms; also one decade) or until the leader dies before the term(s) is up.

This country located in Eastern Antartica is still at war with the new country that rose in Western Antartica known as the Coke Federation ran by the Coca-Cola Bear; Pepsiman's arch-nemesis.

List of Members (Chronologically)

  1. Pepsiman (Founding member)(Current president)
  2. This is Bob (Founding member)
  3. Billy Herrington (Founding member)
  4. Optimus Prime (Founding member)
  5. Thor (being the founder of the Asgardian Empire, he has received considerable backlash from the people of the Republic. They suspect that he is trying to use his position to bring the Republic into the Asgardian Empire's sphere of influence.)
  6. Tohru
  7. Aradia Megido
  8. Tavros Nitram
  9. Sollux Captor
  10. Karkat Vantas
  11. Nepeta Leijon
  12. Kanaya Maryam
  13. Terezi Pyrope
  14. Vriska Serket
  15. Equius Zahhak
  16. Feferi Peixes
  17. Steve
  18. Master Chief
  19. Sunflora
  20. Roserade
  21. Tsareena
  22. Abomasnow
  23. Captain 10
  24. Shrek
  25. Chomper

Major Cities

  • Pepsi City (Capital)
  • Rivermore
  • Sodastone City

List of Pepsi Republic Presidents

  1. Pepsiman
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