Peppy Pepper
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Peppy Pepper is soooo clever

Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey Fur
Eye color: Black
Species: Bunny Rabbit
Home: Space
Death: ...
AKA: Peppy the Rabbit, Peppy, Peppy the Bunny
Likes: enchiladas, Space
Dislikes: UnAmerica, youngsters
Education: Space Institute of Space Warriors
Occupation: Teacher, Ster Ferx Scientist
Known For: Being super old
UnRank: 12345678.87654321

Peppy Pepper works for Ster Ferx as a "scientist" even though all he does is complain about today's youngsters. He is clever (not really), intelligent (nope), and handsome (in his dreams).


In the 1800s, Peppy was born to a bunch of Canadian rabbits in Mexico. He instantly fell in love with enchiladas. At age 264 he went to the Space Institute of Space Warriors to teach about space and Mexico. There he met the rest of the Ster Ferx team, Fox, Falco, and Slippy Toad. He has revealed he is the long lost cousin of Bugs Bunny.

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