Mummy pig, arguing with Daddy pig

Peppa, thinking that she's "gansta"

Peppa Pig (scientific name Tetraoculus sinistridon) is an evil, quadrucloptic (four-eyed) druggie who has committed numerous murders and crimes and has been rumored to have sexually assaulted and killed Billy Mays. Peppa pig is currently brainwashing little kids to become selfish, brown-nosing, gay, murderous, rude, evil, satanic monsters.

Racist peppa pig

Always the racist, Peppa pig dresses up to piss off Frenchmen.


One day night, Mummy pig and Daddy pig got horny. Nine months later, Peppa was born. She was so evil that Mummy pig and Daddy pig got into a full-blown argument about which side of the family her evil ways came from.


One day Peppa dressed up as Hitler and paraded around town, A la Eric Cartman from South Park. Jewish people beat her to death. She deserved it for being so racist.


Mummy pig pregnant with peppa pig.

Revival and second death

Peppa Pig got revived by Po, because Po and Peppa pig are good friends. Then Peppa pig was texting Po about plans to be assholes, she accidentally called Po 'Poo'. Po blackmailed Peppa by kidnapping her parents and saying if Peppa did not say sorry, she would kill them. Peppa pig should of just said sorry, but being the stubborn asshole she is, she did not. Peppa was now in deep sh*t. Even though she hated her parents, she contemplated suicide. She decided to try and rape and maul Po to get her much-hated parents back, but trying to even plan how to do that, Po caught her and said it had been 2 weeks, and Po killed Peppa pig with such brutality, it would even make Satan sick. Peppa has now gone to Hell's third circle.



She's plotting something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She once took steroids to make her daily beatings less painful.
  • She once binge-ate 666 hot dogs to try and get a flu-shot for cooties.
  • She once shat an entire light bulb while appearing on the TV show scrubs.
  • She is a big Fan of Pamtri and Cyber 8 (and other deranged animators)
  • The only good thing about her TV show is that it is slowly killing the evil known as "American English".
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