The Penguins of Number Island are a top-secret agency consisting of four, you guessed it, penguins. They are top tier and the absolute best choice for anyone who needs to spy on an enemy. They're Mr. T's personal spies and his go-tos for important situations regarding the Undefeatables, despite the penguins not being Undefeatables themselves. They actually have no relation to Number Island, besides being stranded there near the beginning of their career. They got off quick, though.

The Crew

  • Skipper- the leader, calm and collected, he knows what to do and how to pull it off
  • Kowalski- the brains, ask him for an analysis, he'll give you an answer
  • Rico- the "Baby Yoshi", he'll eat anything, and within a week can regurgitate it unscathed
  • Private- the backup, doing better under pressure, you'd be surprised at his skills.


Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico were born just like any other penguin in Antarctica. Bored of living the life of a regular penguin, they left to become secret agents. Their first mission: defend an egg from Ugandan Knuckles on a wrecked ship (what they were doing in Antarctica, who knows. Maybe Kowalski knows.) They were skilled from the beginning, blowing up the ship with the Knuckles and cannoning out of there with the egg. This egg the hatched into the fourth member, Private. Migrating to the United States of UnAmerica, they then took up a job as secret agents for real and do it very well. They do their work all around the UnWorld, and thoroughly enjoy what they do.


  • During The Fish War, they were also spies for Japan, and devoloped the idea for anime after seeing Private in a mermaid suit (they're horrified at what anime has become since then). Since penguins are partly aquatic, the Fish Union didn't suspect a thing. 
  • Now that we think about it, they were probably involved in an immeasurable number of wars, secretly hired by one side or another. Most likely they evaded notice because they're so good at what they do.
  • Lots and lots of the information on this Wiki has been gathered by these penguins, especially Kowalski.


  • All of them, especially Private, are obsessed with a crunchy snack known as Cheesy Dibbles. Actually, that's how they get paid for their missions.
  • They're best buds with Pepsiman, since they hatched on his side of Antarctica. He'll sometimes call the penguins to help him in dire situations, though that almost never happens.
  • Most likely they're spying on you now. Don't be alarmed. They're spying one somebody else now.
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