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Pen "Ugly" Guin
Pen Guin.jpg
He's SO pretty!
Gender: Male
Hair color: Baldy
Eye color: He has a monocle!
Species: 25% Human
25% Penguin
25% Fish
25% Ugly
Home: Sewers
Death: Killed by drowning (how ironic)
AKA: Fat Water Guy
Likes: A life time supply of fish
Dislikes: Water
Education: Taught in the art of ugly
Occupation: Villain
Known For: Being a weak villain
UnRank: 46

Pen Guin is a man who did not understand the fundamentals of life. Or quantum physics, but Nobody understands quantum physics. He was once a sewer man, but then became a hero! But then again, all heroes must fall...


Early Life

Pen Guin was born to the most wealthy family in Possum City besides the Pains themselves. The Guins were great people, descended from royalty. However, being descended from royalty, they were automatically selfish and snobby. In fact, their family was the most self-centered and most hated family in Possum City. They were hated even more than the mob families.

When born, Pen Guin was normal. All except for one slight problem. Instead of hands, he was born with these weird claw/flipper things. We're not really sure what they are. It was soon revealed that Mr. Guin was once a fishman, and this caused the mutation. Trying to hide his past, Mr. Guin took the baby, and gave him to the sewer penguins, because there are sewer penguins in Possum City for some reason.

Pen grew up with the penguins in North Pole. They taught him all necessary life-skills. He knew how to catch fish, waddle, slide on his belly, and most importantly of all, the penguins taught him how to operate a semi-automatic rifle. This would eventually reflect in his unique attacking patterns as a villain.

Possum City's Hero and Death

When Pen was 43 and a half, tragedy occurred. The mayor's son had been kidnapped! Pen Guin had stolen the son, as there's no way he'd ever get one of his own. He then realized the boy was the mayor's son, and returned him. He was crowned a hero throughout Possum City.

Only one man saw through the bird-man's disguise. This man was Fatman. Fatman decided to solve this problem by sitting on Pen Guin. Things went a little nuts, Pen Guin robbed a bank, he got sat on, and then he drowned in his own blood.


Pen Guin's life was documented in the movie Fatman 7: Enough Fatman Movies. Of course, everybody hated the Fatman Movies, so this was just an insult to Pen Guin's memory. There is also a statue of him in the sewer, built by the penguins. He respawned, but Nobody knew until he revealed himself. The sewer penguins were overjoyed, and invaded Pittsburgh, the Russian Federation and Canada under No Anime Penguin, establishing the short-lived but powerful Arctic Empire.

Eventually, he was killed for the second time by Skooks, who decapitated him with a single Rage Mode blow, after calling him a "feeble-minded jackass", a "dumb animal" and "dumb".

Fatman comic appearances

  • The Fattest Continent
    • He is one of the villains shown on Possum ANNK. He is seen, along with another loser, in the coldest Ice Wasteland.
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