Peepers Escaping

Peepers is a very strange elephant. It looks like a normal elephant, beside its strange milky human eyes that cause horrible diseases if you stare at them for too long.


In case you have an upcoming test on Peepers the Elephant, heres some info. First of all, Peepers has different forms; Flying, Swimming, Normal and Arctic. He doesn't seem to want to eat peanuts, but he does love cashews and pecans. He also speaks a strange language that only Marnie The Dog can understand. He also poops jelly beans. Be careful, they're the Harry Potter ones. He is a little small for an elephant, but he is incredibly fast, faster than anything on the planet. He can even go into warp speed. You are probably reading this and saying "This is the best thing I have ever read!" and it is.


He used to live in a zoo but he was complained about for making strange noises. The zoo was meant to show the beauty of nature, but it has hard with a disturbing demonic elephant scaring people off. The head of the zoo ordered the workers to kill Peepers and feed him to the lions. They attacked Peepers but he grew wings and flew into space. He arrived in a new dimension full of wonder, but it was destroyed by an evil force known as Wikia (a bunch of aliens, not the website). He then flew off into a new galaxy where he lives in peace. In this galaxy are the planets Ogg, Stultus, Asinumian, and J`erk.

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