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Pedo Bear (also spelled Pedobear) is a Legendary Pokemon and a member of the Internet Memes. Despite being a Legendary Pokemon, he is actually really weak. He spends his spare time staring at little kids, waiting until their parents leave. Pedo Bear is wanted in every country except for Soviet Russia. He is commonly found driving his Creepy White Van.

Pedo Bear was first created by 4chan. 4chan was releasing too much inappropriate content. The content accumulated into one living being known only as Pedo Bear. Pedo Bear started sneaking around trying to do bad things with little kids. His only moves are ones that we are not allowed to discuss. If we tell you about them, SOPA and Wikia will shut us down.

Our most recent reports suggest that Pedo Bear is currently hiding out in Facebook, waiting for his prey. Other sources tell us he is in Japan, but those sources are stupid and we're pretty sure he's in Facebook.

Pedobear plotted with Thanos and Tinky Winky, teamed up with a bunch of other bad guys in order to defeat the ULTIMATE good guy known as "Mr. T". They failed. He met his fate at the hands of Gigatron.


His fur is Illuminati colored and his eyes are black like his heart. When you look into his eyes, you can see the souls of all the children that he has done bad things to. If you look even further, you can see all the traffic tickets that he hasn't paid.


Pedo Bear is a very nice guy. You know, until he sees little kids. But he is still very nice. Sometimes he even gives you free candee. Most people don't do that, so he is really nice.

Where To Find Pedo Bear

Pedo Bear can be found anywhere children can be found, this includes play grounds, toy stores, and libraries. Wait, kids don't go to libraries anymore, what is this, the 1920s?


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