Pecos Bill

"Through him was the West tamed."-some random internet user


He was some Southwest Counterpart to Paul Bunyan, and existed in the Unworld, but only as story in the Real World. While most stories don't have him as gigantic, he was almost as powerful as Paul.


Born near Pecos River Valley in 1836, Bill was uninentionally orphaned after he fell out of the Covered Wagon and his family had so many kids, he wasn't noticed missing till nearly a month later. Fortunately, some coyotes raised him, and he was a feral child until his ten years up. He learned how to talk the language of the Coyote and could give a bear hug to a real bear as a kid.

One day, some cowboy found him, who was said to be his brother, and took him in. There, he quickly realized how silly the cowboy profession was, and updated it, making lassos, teaching about how to make 6 shooters, and all sorts of things. He became a famous cowboy and had a horse called Widow Maker, because he would make widows of women.

Once, after Paul came through and made the Southwest a desert, even back in time somehow, there was a drought severe enough to cause cacti to begin to turn brown. Riding on his horse, he saw a cyclone, and hopped up and rode it until the cyclone rained and got the desert out of the drought.

He had a wife about as unique as him named Slue Foot Sue, but not much is known about her other than she was the first woman in Unworld to take a trip to the Moon, by accident as well.

It is not known if he died or not. He went into hiding, though some say he became a hermit or traveled the world with his wife, others say he died by laughing to death at ideas of cow punching from a tenderfoot, or that he rusted his coffee and got poisoning.


  • While coming close to power as an Undefeatable, and probably should be one, currently he isn't listed as one. He is immune to Weegee's stare.
  • He can pick up a miniature version of a star, or a hot coal, with his bare hands.
  • He can sing very beautifully.
  • Also when he crash landed from falling off of the dead cyclone, Death Valley was formed.
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