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  —Pearl Krabs yelling at her father, Mr. Krabs being a spoiled brat when she was only 8 years old.
Pearl Krabs
Pearl Krabs.jpg
Pearl the Whale
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Species: Whale
Home: The Ocean.
Death: Bikini Bottom
AKA: Pearl the Whale, W**** Whale, (Simply) Pearl
Likes: Being rich as hell and going to the mall 24/7, Seeking revenge on her father (Eugene Krabs).
Dislikes: Living with her father (Eugene Krabs).
Education: Bikini Bottom High School
Occupation: Cheerleader
UnRank: 666

Pearl Krabs (Oftenly referred to as simply Pearl) is a whale who is very spoiled towards her greedy father, Eugene Harold Armorabs Krabs even though her "parents" are all crabs and Pearl herself is a whale.

While at work, she always went on 4chan, but she was caught by Mr. Krabs, so he took her iPad away so she won't use 4chan while away.

She always called him a cheapskate and other names, but eventually, she was then abused by her father since he said "Pearl, I had enough of YOU! 16 years and you still act like this!? Get out..... or DIE!".

She was beaten real good by her father, Mr. Krabs, who cared nothing more than money.

Though then she encountered a magic spirit and he told and chatted with her: "Pearl, if ya fa'er is cheep an' shite, and if ya wan t' get yer revenge, have this dandy pipebomb and putit in his mailbox, then you can have anything you want, just don't be a drunkard, OK?", and after Pearl heard what the evil spirit said, she went back to Bikini Bottom and owned Mr. Krabs's a** to get her "revenge" on him. Spent all his money on K-pop while Eugene was in the hospital.

She also became heartless to the point that she even harassed Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Sandy Cheeks, and even Plankton and Karen. Then she jump up to the horizon and drowned The Flying Dutchman and his ship.

During that time, she met with Sneasel and went to the mall and weapons store just to "look cool" and "kick more @$$". She then purchased a mill and used it to make pancake mix and syrup.

Eventually, Pearl and her new friends were forced to team up with all the heroes and all the other existing villains in order to defeat the ultimate and (immensely) powerful threat of This is Bob.