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" Bad and naughty children get put in the Pear Wiggler, to atone for their crimes!!! "
  —Ernst Stavro Blofeld, inventor of the Pear Wiggler

The Pear Wiggler is a dangerous machine invented by Ernst Stavro Blofeld to punish bad and naughty children for being bad. (It is believed, however, this was only done so Blofeld was the baddest person left) It is much more efficient than the Lake of Fire. Many children and old children have been placed in the pear wiggler, after it was stolen by the Skellies.


The Pear Wiggler was invented by Ernst Stavro Blofeld when he was looking for a method to become known as the baddest of the bad! He decided the best way to do this was to make people good, so he created the Pear Wiggler to punish bad and naughty children so they know not to be bad again. However, it was stolen by a group of Skellies who still used it to punish the bad and naughty children.


To place someone in the Pear Wiggler, you must first condemn them before opening the box and lowering it over their body. They will then be trapped inside and forced to atone for their crimes. There is a scale which can be used to increase wiggle intensity, and it is based off the level of bad committed by the individual.

Those who spent time in the pear wiggler

  • Wario - sentenced for doing the bad thing
  • Waluigi - sentenced for doing the bad thing
  • James Bond - sentenced for ruining the life of Blofeld
  • DaTenthGate - sentenced for being hyper-bad
  • One specific Sniper from TF2 - sentenced for using aimbot
  • Horrortime Tubby - sentenced for his crimes