Thats a possum?!

Pasadena is a Possum...I guess.


Pasadena is a Texan racer possum that wants to kiss Crash Bandicoot. She lived in the sewers of Von Clutch's Motorworld until her boss Von Clutch kicked her out so she will stop smelling so bad and driving away all me customers. She now lives in her car. She spends her time giving Crash Bandicoot missions in hopes of kissing him, but she is stupid and thinks Crash would do such a stupid idiotic thing to a stupid annoying secondary character. She also gets herself blown up all the time in the blowing up people races. Her first appearance in a shame was Crash Bandicoot Clones Himself Racing, then she was in Grand Theft Sesame Street 2: Elmo's Return.

Other Forms

Her pilot costume thingy and WaPasadena


  • Despite having the same last name, she is NOT related to Piper O'Possum.
  • According to Crap Network tabloids, at least two members of the Norris Family are attracted to her.
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