Parsnip has never been this deadly!

A Parsnip Sniper is a sniper and Radistania's main weapon, if you didn't guess, it shoots hollow Parsnip full of gunpowder at guys, which is essentially Radistania's play on bullets.

It's barrel is a hollowed out, overgrown Daikon, it's handle is Corn, and it's lens thingy is a Carrot held up by Asparagus, with a hollow Kohlrabi, "bulb" (Kohlrabi isn't even a root vegetable) with a lens (the only thing that's not a vegetable) in it.


On March 27, 2011, Radistania went in war with Zing Isle in a war now known as The Rutabaga War, since the entirety of Radistania's military consists of millions of defenseless Polofs, the president of this country, Madame Beetroot, declared weapons to be made, so the Polofs said okay and made these weapons, along with Rutabaga Cannons.

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