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Paraboring Inactivity is the name of a horror film directed by The scratch cat and distributed by Squadala Films. Naturally, since The scratch cat was associated with it, it was a failure. this movie has many sequels, but we can't tell you them, because THEY ALL SUCKED.


Sometime in 2006, a young couple, Katie Featherston (played by Koromo Ryuumonbuchi) and Micah Sloat (played by Link) have recently moved into an old suburban house. Katie claims that a spirit has been haunting her ever since she was a child, and Micah mounts a camera to capture footage of the demon during the night. Katie hires a psychic, who asseses that she's being haunted by a demon. He then tells the couple to call his demonalogist friend in a few days. Katie is interested by the situation, while Micah does not take it seriously.

The paranormal activity starts out quite tame at first, but then during night 5, Katie awakens from a nightmare, and during night 13 they are awoken by a scary scream. Later on, Micah wakes up and finds Katie sitting on the swing on the porch, who was unaware that she did anything. Then, she ate cheese and threw up. yey

During night 20, after more "thrills and chills", the movie ends. Katie gets up out of her bed and stares at Micah for a few hours, and then goes downstairs. A few minutes later, Micah is awoken by the scream of his name, and runs downstairs to help Katie. Then, everything goes silent. Katie's footsteps are heard coming up the stairs. After another brief moment of silence, Micah's body is violently thrown at the camera by Katie. She lies over his body and starts licking him, then she turns toward the camera and smiles evilly, before her faces becomes demonic and she swallows the camera. An epilouge text shows that Micah's body was found on October 2006, the tape of his murder won the 10,000 dollar prize of America's Funniest Home Videos, and that Katie's whereabouts remain unknown.
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