Paradice vector

Para-Dice is a cat-like creature who comes from a planet named Alwas. Though she only appeared in four shames, Super Para-Dice World as the main character, UNBA Jam as a member of Team Alwas, PBS's Secret Weapon as a Boss, Mario Mart as one of the unlockable characters and Brawl of the Consoles as a boss. She is sometimes a member of The Black Army, but they hate her. In Mario Mart, Para-Dice had the weirdest ride with The Nyan Cat which was her Shopping Cart. 


Para-Dice died because Painis Cupcake busted in & said: "I am going send evey damb one one of you back to @#!*% , you stupid fat rocket hopping potato-headed 10-ton boabab wood-diamond-eyed red-orange piano key-teethed no-brained football-playing robot Patrick-Weegee-Po-Benson-Wario computer-headed magic creeper kings from Uranus with mustaches!" She thought this was Giygas's house. He shot everyone with a Magnum Solar Ray Gun.

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