Paper Towels is a unsuccessful film distributed by 20th Century Poop and directed by Bob the Builder. It is actually based on a book by Reid Mockery, a book that Nobody wanted. It was a horrible movie, because it was REALLY BORING and Bob was horrible at directing this film (this was his first AND ONLY time he directed a film).

Temple Hill Entertainment - Paper Towns

The sloppy drawn poster for the film. You can tell someone took a random picture off of Google and edited it with MS Paint.


So we get two teenagers ok? They like to share paper towels with each other every time they use their toilets. However, one day one of the teenagers has to take a big crap, only to find out that their paper towels have been stolen. So he invites his friends over from school to help him find his paper towel.


None were mentioned anywhere in the movie, or nor in the credits.


Everyone booed at the movie and threw popcorn at it and then they left Koopa Shell Theatres.


  • The people who played the teenagers or the teenager's names in the movie weren't mentioned.
  • Wowser cameos as the teenager's friend, but wasn't mentioned either, and he said nothing usually but "WOWSER WOWSER WOWSER!" until the end of the movie. (This is one of the things that made the movie horrible because of Bob's stupid knowledge to put effort in this movie). This is another time Wowser appeared in a movie after Plastinic.
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