The Infamous Paper Doll Man


Cquote1 Being paper thin, I'll just slip in quietly through the crack in the door!!! Cquote2
Paper Doll Man

The Infamous Paper Doll Man is the most sneaky and unusual thief in the world. He steals all kind of different things: Plan X, secret weapons, promotions, Gum, money and food. He can transform into anything paper-based, and has been hired by Nintendo to star in their train wreck of a shame: Paper Mario.

His origin is a mystery. People started to talk about him when he stole Plan X from the Pentagon Building. Many guys tried to capture him, but Paper Doll Man shot them all with the Solar Ray Gun. Before anyone else can capture him, he usually disguises as an envelope or escapes by slipping through the crack of a door. It is strange how he is still on the loose, despite being made entirely out of paper.

List of lists

  • Here is a full list of Paper Doll Man's enemies.
  • Here is a list of SOME (but not all) things Paper Doll Man stole.
  • Here is a list of people, some of which Paper Doll Man helped kill.
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