A...less menacing photo of Papa Robotnik.

Benedict Wigglestein "Papa" Robotnik (sometimes called Father Robotnik, or Pappy Robotnik, or even simply Pappy) was the founder of the Robotnik Family, and the great grandfather of Dr. Robotnik. He owned Robotnik Mansion before it was destroyed by Mario Panciera, the great grandfather of Mario, who then killed Papa Robotnik with a death ray made from plumbing tools.


Papa Robotnik was born in 1401 to a wealthy family. From the moment he was born, Papa looked and invented like a person from the future. Well, at the time it was the future, he was Victorian. Papa Robotnik was told by his parents that as long as you had money, you were superior to everybody else.

Papa took these words for granted and soon started to build his own "new" family of sorts, the Robotnik family. Using genetic engineering, he becan to create himself some "children", but since his machinery was Victorian, most of the results were normal children, or just plain wierd. He manadged to create a satisfyingly evil result. the Robotnik Kids, who obeyed everything Papa said like robots and spoke in unison, following each other around. Papa decided to use the no-evil results as slaves, then enslaved a few orphanges for more.

Later on in life, Papa made a pact with Bill Gates, however this pact didn't last long, as after Bill was killed Papa returned to raising his family.

In 1486 Papa was was getting old, and was addicted to tapoica. He had gigantic tapioca factories made across England, but couldn't keep track of them all. As a result of this, the grandfather of Mario, Mario Panciera, snuck out during his two-year shift, and discovered The Enclosed Instruction Book, and learned how to kill Papa. He destroyed all Papa's factories, then, when Papa came to kill him, he used a death ray made from plumbing tools to kill him.

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