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[[File:Painis Cupcake eats someone|thumb|right|401 px|A typical encounter with Painis Cupcake.]]
'''Painis Cupcake''' is a demented [[Soldier]] that was thrown into the [[Wa-Machine]]. The Wa-Machine malfunctioned, spewed out lots of rubber fruit, and created this rapist-resembling thing.
He goes up to people and says "I am Painis Cupcake, I will eat you!" and then pulls off a rape face. He eats many innocent victims including the [[Heavy Weapons Guy]]. He thinks everything's food just like [[Baby Yoshi]], so he even eats people on his own team. Even if you call him for help, he will just eat you.
He has recently joined the [[Teletubby Army]] so he can eat up even more people, rather than the same nine people who come in uniforms of either red or blue.
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