Pac-Man, King of the Pac-People

Pac-People are the odd creatures that you find in Pac-Land. They are yellow circles, and they like to go around eating things, especially dots. They fear Pac-Land Ghosts more than anything, but that is also one of their favorite foods.


It is believed the Pac-People were first created when the Pokemon Yudum started breeding with Toads. It created many weird yellow creatures. They were called Pac-People for some reason. They were mainly found in the former country Australia.

Pac-Man is the first modern Pac-Person to be born, though he is slightly larger than most Pac-People. This makes him king of the Pac-People, and Nobody questions this leadership. Pac-Man has led them for hundreds of years.

Pac-Man led the Pac-People in an attack against Australia, and it became Pac-Land. This is where most Pac-People live today.


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