Pac-Man Junkyard is a shame starring Pac-Man. Like its name suggests, it is about Pac-Man trying to eat his way through a junkyard. The twist is the junkyard is in the shape of a maze, and there are ghosts and Dots in it.

There are exactly four levels, and after all four are beaten, the shame blows up. This is a production error, and a patch was made soon after the release of the shame. The patch cost $10,000,000, so nobody bought it.


Soon after the shame was released, people decided the four levels were the same thing as the original shame, and they stopped buying it. Namco responded with several promotions:

The first one was where the case was made to smell very bad to match the junkyard theme. They called it "Pac-Man Junkyard: Super Smelly Edition". It turns out, people don't like bad smells. This lowered shame sales by 87%.

Apparently, they weren't happy with this sales drop for some reason. They decided to make the case explosive to poke fun at their production error of the exploding shame. They called it "Pac-Man Junkyard: Highly Explosive Edition". This also lowered sales.

They gave up. They made the case purple and called it "Pac-Man Junkyard: Purple Edition". This rose sales so high, they were sued for no reason other than being too successful.

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