Pac-Man Shame

The Pac-Man coverart. Notice how stupid it looks.

Pac-Man is a shame staring the monster of the same name. It is the first shame Pac-Man has ever starred in, and it is often considered the most boring as well.

The goal of the shame is to guide Pac-Man around a maze to eat the dreaded dots, all while avoiding the Pac-Land Ghosts. This is considered a pointless exercise, but this was still a very popular shame. The game has 256 levels, although there is no end to it.

This shame as made by Namco, but then it was stolen by a few hundred other people. Now, everybody has a stolen copy. That's not polite.


One day, Pac-Man decided to start painting his house yellow. While going on an eating rampage, he goes to the store to get some lead paint, although the store turns out to be a maze! In there, he encounters the four ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. They tell Pac-Man there is no escape, and all he can do is simply run away from them in the maze forever. He accepts this fate anyway, as he discovers the maze is full of delicious dots everywhere. It begins- the cycle of excessive eating, flashing, and the ghosts coming back every time, even after being eated.

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