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Po riding PO COOTAH.

PO COOTAH, or more simply, Po's scooter, is a scooter created by Dipsy as a gift for Po when she cried a tear flood after her motorcycle was demolished. She uses it to annoy the heck out of, burn, nuke, and just straight-up kill people.


  • It can fly by shooting magic drug dust that causes hallucinations, smells like smoke, and makes people cough and turn into Tubby Zombies.
  • It shoots fire out of a pipe.
  • It has a super-loud train horn (blame that on Alt 2.0)
  • A radio and clock.
  • Somewhat fat handlebars
  • An actual speedometer
  • A fake speedometer
  • Tubby Toast


  • Po ran over Tinky Winky with this the most out of all the people she ran over with it.
  • It is filled with pure doulkinilium, which is a substance comprised of crewmate guts and drugs, and also pure doohickium.
  • Horrortime Tubby commonly mistakes the drug dust as cocaine.