Pan European Game Information (often abbreviated PEGI) is a company that rates shames based off how bad they are. They are considered to be the more accurate but less awesome version of ESRB. It is used in most countries around the world, but only in Europe.

PEGI is currently headed by Dr. Robotnik and Albert Einstein.


PEGI was formed after everyone realized that ESRB's ratings were as useful as a Screen Door on a Submarine. It was formed to actually rate the shames, not just throw a random letter on it. They do their job properly, but they don't know what they're doing.


  • 3 - For little kids, this shame is probably educational...
  • 7 - For kids who are too young to play bad shames. LAME!
  • 12 - For kids who are in their teenages. These are usually not fun.
  • 16 - For older kids and adults. These shames are mildly entertaining.
  • 18 - For 18 year olds ONLY. If you are younger OR OLDER, do NOT play them!
  • P (Po) - For Po's shames. These shames are evil.
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