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Oswald the Octopus

That smile is far from appropriate, now you wonder why he has tentacles.

Eye color: Black
Species: Octopus
Home: The Pacific Ocean
Likes: Rollerskating 24/7, his wife (Kneesocks), Tsunami.
Dislikes: Squidward
Education: 12 years in mollusk school.
Occupation: Rollerskating, especially over people.
Known For: Being a professional roller skater, and a mean one at that.
UnRank: 8

Oswald is some annoying octopus who is obsessed with rollerskating. He however, has an irrational fear of Squidward Tentacles. He hates him with a passion because he claimed to be a blue "octopus".

Due to this, Oswald developed the habit of rollerskating over people, especially Squidward Tentacles.

He is also a member of the Satanist Empire and abandoned his other friends on Earth. He often has tea with Scanty, Kneesocks, and Tsunami. Oswald later fell for Kneesocks and thus, got married, and the latter did in fact love him back for obvious reasons, due to the fact they're different species.

Oswald uses his tentacles to tangle his victims and..... yeah you probably know by now.

Vriska Serket later saw the Oswald controversy with him insulting Squidward Tentacles and having tea with Tsunami in particular. He got into a massive fight with her, though Gamzee Makara interrupted the fight just to "defend" his friend, Oswald after his return from suspension of his Satanist Empire membership.

He is the chronological eighth member (ironically) of the 18-member organization created by Thanos known as the Ultimate Platinum Overlord Invasion Organization, which is a sister organization with Galvatron's Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization.

Vriska Serket then quoted "I swear you look like Neptune if it had limbs", and Oswald quoted back "WHAT!? JUST BECAUSE I'M BLUE, A SPHERE, AND HAVE 8 LEGS AND THE FACT THAT NEPTUNE IS THE EIGHTH PLANET!?!? YOU'RE STUPID!!!!"

Vriska Serket offered Squidward Tentacles some help to get revenge on Oswald after all of the actions he has done. Though Tsunami later washed away Vriska Serket despite Squidward Tentacles getting away.

Tsunami is the twenty-sixth member to join the Quintessential Elemental Emperor Invasion Organization in general chronologically and is the second member and admin in the Water Group.

Oswald later became the nineteenth member of the Infinity Army.

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