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  —Oscar Clark

Oscar David Clark the XXI is a mentally troubled rabbid that eats people

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the Bite of 2014 incident

During the Macy Sales Event he wanted some popcorn but a swarm of Zimbies got there first and he attacked them and bit the popcorn stores owner who banned him from the shop while he tried to apoligise to the Zimbies. After a bit, Oscar wouldn't leave so the store owner called the cops on oscar but when they got there they found him pointing a gun at the store owner who was scared while Oscar yelled death threats at him. Oscar got into fight with the cops but was shot but survived


After this incident he was hauled into a police car and thrown in jail for 23 years. When his time expired he has released but got into a simiar fight and was forced into a straight jacket and thrown in an Asylum. One day the guard walked by his cell and found that he had chewed his way out of his straightjacket and escaped. He is currently on the run

Oscar taking over SketchPad