Mmm... Orc is hungry.

An orc (also known as a goblin) is a type of guy who is not a human and has an ugly face. Orcs are kind of like trolls, except orcs are not on the internet and they generally eat more people than trolls do. Orcs are always evil, even when they are good because the Stormcloaks said so.

The first orcs are from Middle-Earth. They are distant cousins of the Dwarfs, and often considered to be the inferior of the two. Orcs were fed up with being discriminated against, so they teleported to the UnWorld. They settled in Skyrim, where they were discriminated against. Basically, Nobody likes orcs. That makes them sad. When they get sad, they get hungry. When they get hungry, they eat human flesh. That is why nobody likes orcs.

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