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Orion Pax "Optimus" Norris Prime
Optimus Prime.jpg
It's Optimus Prime!!!
Gender: Male
Hair color: bald blue
Eye color: Blue
Species: Transforming Robot
Home: Cybertron
Likes: Saving the day
Dislikes: Megatron, Michael Bay, Satanist!Vagineer, Googolplex, Chuck Norriseegee
Occupation: Autobot Leader, Film Star
Known For: Being the machine that loves starring in films.
UnRank: Epsilon Naught
" One shall stand, one shall fall... "
  —Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is a super-mech action-hero robot-warrior of doom. He is also the founding member and leader of the Autobots. Many believe he is the greatest foe of Megatron and the Decepticons, but this is not true. Optimus Prime is actually just in it for the explosions. In reality, he really couldn't care less about "Megacon" and his "Deceptasomethings". Optimus Prime is, however, the star of Transformers.

Optimus Prime is the son of Chuck Norris and a surprisingly attractive lorry trailer. Four seconds after being born, Optimus Prime changed into his truck form and drove off in search of ADVENTURE! Being the son of Chuck Norris, Optimus Prime is naturally addicted to explosives (not unlike a certain green friend of ours). Because of this, he decided to pick a fight with a bunch of other giant transforming robots. Along with Shia Labeouf, Optimus Prime swore to destroy the Deceptasomethings, save the UnWorld, and cause as much collateral damage as possible!

Optimus Prime, playing with himself

Optimus Prime has died numerous times throughout his life, but he's a godlike robot so they just rebuild him. The last time he was seen dying was at the jaws of Godzilla during the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, but witness account claims that he kept on fighting after getting his head bitten off because he's just that awesome.

Optimus Prime is also one of the five founding members of the Pepsi Republic, led by a powerful being known as Pepsiman.

Sometime in 2018, while Optimus was flying to London to receive the Power Stone from the Queen, Thanos boarded the Ark, the Autobot shuttle being used, and proceeded to destroy it from the inside out. Upon boarding the bridge, Thanos took out Optimus in spectacular fashion by stabbing him with his own axe. Not long afterwards, most of London was destroyed in a devastating Death Battle X.

Later, this lead to Pepsiman using his Pepsi magic to revive Optimus Prime. A clone of him was created out of Pepsi, creating Optimus's son Pepsi Convoy, whose mission was to promote Pepsi.