Ophelia Chill
Ophelia Chill Manor (November 5, 1922 - April 24, 2014) is an evil sorceress and lousy librarian, and close friend of I.M. Meen. Like Meen, she hates little goody-goodies and books, even though she is a librarian. She also supplies Meen with furniture for his Book Dance. She lives in a big manor full of books, including every history book ever written.

Once, using her history books, (but mostly Wikipedia), she somehow started screwing up history, only to be defeated by little goody-goodies, who put everything back to normal, then NOMmed all her books and tied her up. Meen rescued her though, and they intend to use their book magic to take over the UnWorld some day.

She died in Darkkhan on April 24, 2014 from probally a Waldmann disease.

Things She Changed In History

  • Made herself King of Germany during WWII
  • Changed the discovery of gravity into the discovery of gravy
  • Made sure Richard Nixon was never born
  • Renamed Pittsburgh to $h!tsburgh
  • Made the Videogame War continue on to the 29th century
  • Made The Great Pumkin War erupt into WWIII, where she rose again as King of Germany

How was this all fixed?

That's a good question, how was all of these changes fixed? Well, Wikipedia Admins detected a large amount of BS being added to their articles, so they issued an IP ban they restored the original quality of the articles, thus fixing history.

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