Cquote1 Then you speak so of your googly eyes. I've found my true fingernail polish and you know it. Beneath the knuckles, we are already one. Was it not your sin that trapped the sock puppet? Even now the evil limb of what you've done germinates within you. Cquote2
Oobi in some B-rate horror film
Cquote1 Oobi is a hand. His fingers end in a point. Pointy pointy pointy, pointy pointy point. Cquote2
Patrick Star discussing the philosophical implications of Oobi's fingers
Cquote1 Why does the hand talk? How does it sleep? Very silly. Oobi is a clown!" Cquote2
Donald Trump questioning Oobi's very existence
Oobert Handley
Oobi hand puppet drinkin sum soda

Oobi schlurping some expensive sodapop

Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Species: Also brown.
Home: Duckopolis
Likes: Memes, Mr. Krabs, Mrs. Puff, Ducky, googly eyes, yellow paper, comfortable sleepwear, filtered water bottles, AK-47s, France, laughing at less fortunate children, delivering baked goods
Dislikes: Getting mistaken for Dark Ducky
Occupation: Money laundering and tax evasion
Known For: Being a hand that talks

Oobert Aloysius Amadeo Antonio Francis "Oobi" Handley is a hand, YES, A HAND! Like all self-respecting hands, he is sentient, drinks four bottles of sodapop a day, and talks. It is rumored that he has been evil ever since the 1st Ducky War but has never committed a real crime (successfully, at least). He is still feared and respected by high-ranking criminals across the nation of Duckopolis.

He usually speaks in four-word sentences that only him and other hand puppets can decrypt. This way, nobody but him and the hand puppets know what he's doing. If anyone else found out about these hand puppets' plans, Uma would shoot them down and personally dispose of any incriminating evidence. Oobi also has his own show.

His sister is Uma, his dad is Grampu, and his (divorced) mom is Inka. His former girlfriend is Frieda the Foot.

Early life

Oobi hand puppet sunset

Oobi living the good life before everything turned upside down.

Oobi hailed from a rural part of the Ducky Empire and was born into a poor farmer family. He attended Saint Wristwatch College but dropped out a few weeks into his first semester because he could not continue supporting himself by working as a personal hand-washing assistant.

After dropping out, he went to Lake Phalange, where he met Ducky in Nail Polish Bay. Ducky became Oobi's mentor and invited him to join his ten-year yacht trek. At seventeen, Oobi changed his name to Oobert Aloysius Amadeo Antonio Francis Handley and, over the next five years, learned the ways of the wealthy.

During his training for the infantry in the 1st Ducky War, 21-year-old Oobi met and fell in love with a foot named Frieda, who was everything Oobi's family members were not: naturally rich, famous throughout the Ducky Empire, and from a patrician Duckopolis family.

Oobi Eyes Hand Puppet Portrait

The only known photo of him in the Duckopolis Infantry.

During the first war, Oobi reached the rank of Major in the Duckopolis 16th Infantry Regiment, and was decorated for valor for his participation in the Squadala Empire. After the war, he briefly attended Carpal College. While there, he received a letter from Frieda, telling him that she had married Frankie Foot instead. Oobi then decided to commit his life to becoming a man of the kind of wealth and stature he believed would win Frieda's love.

Oobi hand puppet means business

Oobi's glock

Oobi returned home and settled in upstate Duckopolis, which was being transformed by the outcomes of the 2nd Ducky War. It is speculated that Oobi made a fortune from money laundering and tax evasion, and that he built connections with various gangsters such as Dark Ducky. It was at this point that he became evil and rose to the top of Duckopolis's most-wanted list. However, he has never been successful in his crimes, a fact often reciprocated in news reports of his disappearances.


Main article: Ducky

Oobi is known for his very good friend and former mentor/partner in crime, Ducky. For years, it was speculated that these two had related family lineages, and this was later confirmed. Ducky is the world's most evil and immoral hand puppet, best known as the first and only ruler of the semi-powerful Ducky Empire.

Dark Ducky

Main article: Dark Ducky

Dark Ducky is Ducky's mysterious rival who fought for Hyrule during the 2nd Ducky War, before vanishing for a time and continuing his rivalry with Ducky following their duel in Kakariko Village. Oobi is very often mistaken for Dark Ducky, to his chagrin. Luckily, Dark Ducky is second on Duckopolis's most-wanted list and will never take the top spot, which is always reserved for Oobi.


Oobi has been the main character in many Shames. Many of them have made a wide profit off of people mistaking them for the shames in the Call of Ducky series, which, surprisingly, was never Oobi's main intent. Not that he is complaining or anything.

Edgy Oobi

Edgy Oobi hand puppets - Googly eye witnesses

Edgy Oobi

Main article: Edgy Oobi

There is a "show" on YouTube called Edgy Oobi that also has its own wiki. It details the life of teenaged Oobi after the end of his show and Shame series. His nickname is "Pimp Daddy" in episode 5.


Oobi Eyes Grampu the Hand Puppet

Oobi's father Grampu.

  • Grampu is Oobi's father, mother, and grandfather. He is also your father.
  • His name is "Disgrace" in Squadala.
  • His glove size is a Men's European 44.
  • Hand_Eyes from iFunny, also known as Spogetus on Instagram, is a breed of Oobi.

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