Oobi Unleashed! is a Shame and rip-off to Fimbo Unleashed!, Po Unleashed! and Sonic Unleashed! But with Oobi.

And yes, those are the Soviet Union, Australia and Germany flags.


Oobi was going down to Hell to sell his putrid and small soul to The Devil in trade with the power to not mess up his crimes, but with a twist: He mustn't kill, stalk, rob, shoot, get drunk, get high, or anything against the law, which means he is selling his soul for nothing. So he goes back to the streets, he finds a gun and now must kill OVER 9000 people.


Even though it has better music, shameplay and graphics than the original shame and the first two rip-offs, it ended up being panned by everyone, even Biased Ratings and the creators of the shame themselves hate it, why? Because it was a Oobi shame, yep, thats all, it originally was praised by many people, but then the idiots on GoAnimate went and made rant videos about just because it featured Oobi, everyone was Stupid to agree with them and now it is known as one of the worst shames that ever left a mark on the shaming industry, it was so panned that it made a Pi amount of people destroy there consoles and never even think of shames ever again! It was even about to cause another videoshame crash!

Heck, it was banned throughout the whole entire Internet, so now im breaking the law!


  • It is sold on ShamesCoarse, but even they are scared of this! You need a password to find it on there.
  • It is deemed the WORST Oobi shame, Sonic Unleashed! rip-off, worst rip-off and even one of the worst shames ever thought of!
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