Oobi is a weird show that aired on Nick Jr. (formerly Noggin.) The main characters are clichely evil.


The plot is about Oobi, a hand puppet related to Ducky, who is trying to be evil, but fails in every episode, he must also steer away from Ducky and get help from his family.


  • Oobi - A monster who is trying to get a kill, commit a crime, and be known as a infamous crime maker.
  • Uma - Oobi's partner in crime, she tries to follow in Oobi's footsteps, but she does and succeed in crimes.
  • Kako - The only main character with some sense. He tries to stop the crimes.
  • Grampu - The old thug and dad of Oobi, he is an alcoholic.
  • Inka - Grampu's divorced wife, she stalks people.
  • Ducky - another hand puppet, who expects Oobi to be well behaved.


Season 1

  • Oobi's Beginning (pilot) - Oobi tries to put a nail on the road to punture a tire.
  • Roadkill-pill-dill - Oobi turns into roadkill when he tries to do it to Uma.
  • Morshu Shall be Rolling in His Grave - Oobi tries bombing his neighbourhood.
  • Simple Crime - Oobi tries killing Kako.
  • Uma's Way - Uma does crimes.
  • A Visit From Ducky - Ducky tries to inspect Oobi, can he hide his weapons?
  • Stalking - Inka stalks Oobi for a hour and then the episode ends.
  • Kako Puts a End to This - Kako kills Oobi.

Season 2

  • Revived and Rewind - Oobi comes back and goes back in time to try and stop Kako, but fails.
  • Ducky Discovery - Ducky finds out Oobi's secret, and calls him a disgrace.

Arabic Dub

A dub of Oobi was made in Arabia and other parts of The Middle East. It is considered worse than it's US counterpart as Oobi succeeds in his diabolical schemes. Also, Ducky Discovery was never dubbed, so "Shh, Uma!" was the last episode in this dub. "Kako Puts a End to This" was also left out, so Season 1 ended with, "Stalking." And since KPaEtT is left out, so is Revived and Rewind because it makes no sense that Oobi died and then magically responded without being implied, meaning that, "Shh, Uma!" was the ONLY season 2 episode. Kako also loses his trait as a good guy and is now as bad as everyone else, so does Ducky, so, "A Visit From Ducky" was also left out. Some recall episodes exclusive to this dub existing, they include the following:
  • Be a- Cannibal - Oobi promotes cannibalism.
  • Satanism is BAD! - Kako kills people who don't like the devil.
  • Bye Bye, Uma - Uma is tied to a rocket and shot into space.
  • Stupid EVERYONE! - Oobi barricades himself in a wooden shack so he can isolate himself, he ends up tuning albino later on and comes out, scaring the living daylight out of EVERYONE in the Neighbourhood, it reveals this was a part of his plan to keep the Neighbourhood all to himself, he went in to become albino and scare everyone away.


Parents AND children panned this series for being creepy and violent (the latter only applies to adults.)

Bowser Studios gave it a 2.1/10.

It got a 1.3/10 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Biased Ratings gave it a 11/10.

Ducky himself called it, "A oobi to my evil ways." (See trivia for explanation.) However he loves the Arabic Dub.


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