Oobi: The Fast and The Fingerus is... you guessed it, ANOTHER OOBI SHAME! It was released only for the Nintendo Wii U in 2014, it got both the Nintendo Selects and Seal of Quality, but it is not good, can't stress that enough! It is where you race as all your favorite hands, but who cares? It sucks! And it also apparently takes place after Call Of Ducky: Garden Warfare.


Oobi is resting at home after a long, strenuous shame of Team Fortress 2 with great emperor Ducky, when suddenly Oobi decides to do a sport, he soon chooses NASCAR racing, and gets in his car, invites his family and friends, and they destroy whatever is left of your sanity.


  • Kako (unwillingly)


  • Oobi's Toy Car - makes you go faster
  • Triple Cars - makes your car go three times as fast
  • Pizza Dough - you throw it and it trips up an opponent
  • Pizza - is thrown, it then chops the head off of anyone it meets


At this point, nobody even cared about these shames, they just gave it a 0 and Biased Ratings gave it a 10. You think people care about Oobi's shames anymore?

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