Oobi's Adventure 2 is a shame for the Nintendo Wii in 2007. In it, you play as Oobi, who is running away from Turg.


Oobi is chased by Turg, this shame is nothing more than a endless runner with no relation to the original Oobi's Adventure, you run through harbors, jungles, volcanos and on buildings to find hot sauce to spill on Turg's tounge, making him Asplode, but since this is a endless runner, you'll never get there if your not Chuck Norris.



Front and back of boxart.

  • National No Tongue Day Card - Gets rid of Turg's tongue, so if he gets to you he can't lick you and your still alive.
  • Feet 4 Hand - Gives Oobi feet so he runs faster.
  • Hot Sauce - The ultimate item, needed if you want to win, makes Turg asplode, so far only Chuck Norris got it.


Both ISN and Biased Ratings gave it a 5/10 ISN liked and hated some stuff in it, same with Biased, but they liked the bad stuff and hated the good stuff, it is overall a meh shame.

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