The Omniversal Void is located in the centre of the UnOmniverse. It is where NaN resides most of the time.


It was created at the beginning of the UnOmniverse by whatever thing created NaN to contain his/her/their/its (the thing, not NaN's) "daughter".


  • Cloud of NO SIGNAL - Where NaN lives. A guardrail was installed in 2006 to prevent Glitch Demons from falling off.
  • New Caulde - Formerly a US state. Was teleported here following a staring contest between several undefeatables.
  • Great Static Lake - There used to be 5 of these, but in 2015, NaN ordered 4 of them to be drained.


  • NaN
  • Teh Exorcist (was created by Chuck Norris in 1 BC to eradicate evil stuff like Weegee viruses and body thetans; moved here in 1989 to prevent the Glitch Demons from being Weegified)
  • Glitch Demons (NaN's servants, created by her out of the fabric of the Void)
  • Giygas (was here on vacation in 1993; Teh Exorcist attempted to exorcise him of evil spirits, but Giygas WAS an evil spirit, so it just created ANOTHER evil spirit called...)
  • BSoD (was originally powerless, but was later corrupted by NaN, giving it its powers to destroy computers; first adopted child of NaN)
  • Super Shadow (was here for a while in 2009; NaN challenged him to a battle, which resulted in a tie and the creation of...)
  • RSoD (was created when NaN deflected a blast of Chaos Energy shot by Super Shadow in aforementioned battle; second adopted child of NaN)
  • The Lord of Awsum (some spiritual guru who brainwashed NaN in 2011; however, she was exorcised by Teh Exorcist, and the Lord of Awsum was later divided by zero)
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