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" Oi, ladadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadad... "
  — It even has the stutter!

THIS is what the hard work of WatermelonSunshine has led to!

OltTooPahntOoh is a walking, "supercomputer" and member of the absolutely mind boggling tribe of MS Paint bound Teletubby imposters, the Telotubs. She is the rival of the Teletubbies' scary and slowly falling apart walking computer, Alt 2.0. Though it is thankfully far from the horrific appeareance of that evil IMac, as it dosen't have a scary face. In fact, it dosen't have it's own face from what we know, it rather flickers through the most ridiculous looks faces of people here and then those faces lip-sync to whatever she is saying. Some of the most used faces are those of Cranky Kong, Fake Bowser, Mike Wazowski, Peter Griffin and SpongeBob SquarePants. All of which are male!

OltTooPahntOoh usually is seen flipping out about how much metal there is in the land. Being a robot, she really loves metal. And Telotub Land is a scrapyard. Telotub Land Bunnies usually scoff at her abnormal actions, so she just shoots them with fire from the Froot Loop on her Macintosh monitor. She does have some advantages over the original Alt 2.0, such as being waterproofed. Just like the even worse WaAlt 2.0, she has no un-hacked form, as Tonky Wonky built her to resemble modern Alt 2.0 specifically.


One actually not so cold winter night in 2016, the Telotubs tried to assassinate the Teletubbies in their sleep, as they thought the snow will give them an opportunity to disguise if they just wear white clothes. However, they tripped an alarm and Alt 2.0, wearing comically oversized boots and a giant umbrella hat to protect herself from the snow (remember, snow is water) came out with a bootleg DD-Ray to freeze the Telotubs into Evil Snowmen. They escaped and Alt was unable to jump the barbed wire fence of the junkyard. Being the mechanic of the crew, Tonky Wonky was fascinated in how the Teletubbies own such a dangerous IMac. But he didn't feel like making two models and having a dude in a mask kill and hack into one of them. So he just decided to recreate the current Alt 2.0 and call it a day.

Tonky Wonky was going strong for the most of it, but then he went under budget (holy smoo! The Telotubs had a budget?) and couldn't finish the monitor. So he grabbed a Macintosh and decided to take pictures of random guys (100,000,000 each) so that he didn't have to make a face. The hair was made from strawberry blonde colored strings of yarn and the antenna was just from an old TV and painted. Tonky Wonky then gave life to OltTooPahntOoh by going to Hell and using Homebrew on a tortured soul to make as close to the real Alt 2.0 as possible, this soul was then used to bring the crazy computer to life. It then began running around and slapping random things.


  • All of the, "songs" of which OltTooPahntOoh sings are just random notes on the solfiege scale being said in the, "Eric" text to speech voice.
  • OltTooPahntOoh is friends with Voo-Voo because they're both robots made by Tonky Wonky.