Cquote1 When I inspected the Onion's legs, I saw that they were covered by tiny little hairs...It was kind of disturbing Cquote2
Olimar's Voyage Log (Day 28)
Cquote1 It is written only Olimar can defeat Bulborbs Cquote2

Pluckin' dem Pikmin. Hold on a minute he kinda looks like Joker after an all-out attack...

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Species: Human
Height: 2 inches or something
Home: The PikPik Republic
Likes: Pikmin, Captain Falcon
Dislikes: His wife and children
Education: Unknown amount of time of being an astronaut
Occupation: Space Pirate
Known For: Being the starring in the shame Pikmin.
UnRank: 328

Olimar (Or Captain Olimar) is a Human that's the main leader of The PikPik Republic, and commands a lot of Pikmin to do EVERYTHING for him. He beats people up with his minions for fun, sometimes using his fists too. He is said to have 2.5 octodecillion Yellow Pikmin for no other reason than he likes the color yellow.


He was in huge debt due to him breaking down a Chuck Norris statue, and decided to sell all of the Pikmin Army to 3 N00bs. He also has a wife for some reason. (If you think about it, he might be not that emotional and just stares when a Pikmin rapes a Bulborb...Creepy.)

He spent 7 years trying to sell PikPik Carrots to no avail. However in this time he learned how the New York stock exchange worked. After this he bought back the Pikmin Army at half the cost, so maybe it was a good investment on his part.

Unfortunately he got in a pretty serious bar fight with a Bulborb, and as retaliation he started some """minor""" dispute which eventually made their entire species go extinct. For this he's often referred to as "Worse than Hitler" by nobody BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL DEAD! In this time he became good friends with Captain Falcon for helping him with his mass murder.

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