Olaf The Snowman

Gender: Snowmale
Hair color: His snow works as hair
Eye color: Coal
Species: Snowman
Death: Summer
AKA: Frosty The Snowman Rip-Off
Likes: Summer
Dislikes: Winter
Education: Learned how to die
Occupation: Wanting to be in Summer
Known For: Melting in Summer
UnRank: 9

Cquote1 But put me in Summer and i'll be a *Looks at puddle* HAPPY SNOWMAN!!! Cquote2
Olaf in Summer

Olaf is an evil mutant snowman who apparently has untrue dreams.


He will melt in Summer. He is a rip-off of Frosty The Snowman.


Olaf tends to be stupid, dim-witted, and not very bright. He always threatens suicide saying "I want a big, warm hug!" or "I wanna know what Summer feels like!". Or maybe he doesn't know that he'll melt in Summer. Reindeer find him very attractive and want to marry him to eat his nose as a wedding gift.


Early Life

Olaf was first an evil project created in Anna & Elsa's childhood, but Anna got nearly killed and she had to forget the evil plan. 60 years later, Elsa brought back Olaf to haunt whoever tried to bring back Summer but disappointingly failed and made a friendly demon that wants to die in Summer.

Meeting Some Guys

Cquote1 Go kill Anna or there will be no church for you. Cquote2

Elsa sent Olaf to kill Anna. So, Olaf followed the yellow brick road BUT IT WAS COVERED IN SNOW. Olaf spent 16 years getting rid of the snow on the yellow brick road using his nose. He eventually found Anna but he forgot to kill her. Anna was scared as H#%& so she threw Olaf's head in the ocean, but his head grew back for no reason. He just said "My name is Olaf. I want to be in Summer!", so Anna got a torch and melted Olaf and said "Here you go! Summer on the road!". Olaf didn't live long enough to be in Summer.


  • He was gonna sing about Summer in Frozen but the movie was too short.
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