The transformation!

Obamasnow is another failed technique used by the Obama Adminisration to help Barack Obama win the presidential election of 2009 against John McCain. The scientists at the administration took the DNA of Obama and injected it into a Pokemon known as Abomasnow. The Abomasnow then lost it's old head and Obama's head grew in it's place. The point of making this hideous Pokemon was to make people think that if Obama won, they would see other, new, genetically mutated Pokemon that would make the world a more diverse place. Of course, the guys working at the Obama Administration are morons and this didn't work out like planned because wherever Obamasnow goes, it starts to hail which is a special ability of Abomasnow. They couldn't stop it from hailing because Abomasnow summons hail just by standing. This caused great controversy and did a good million dollars worth of property damage to the people living in Washington D.C. When Obama won the election, the scientist n00bs thought he won because of Obamasnow but it wasn't because of them. Even when Obama said so, they still didn't believe it. Now they need to put the Obamasnow in a good place to live in until the next presidential election. They thought Florida would be good place but of course, they were so stupid and the Obamasnow melted because it's part ice. They are now currently mutating a Pokemon called Hippowdon with Obama for the 2012 election.

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