OVER9000WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaERTYUIOPJDHFSDOJFHGOSLAHTwinky-Doop is an ultimate Wa-clone of Tinky-Winky and one of the last. Po was so angry with her clones that she went crazy with making more Wawawawawa-tinky-winkie's and mistakenly kicked over the Wa-machine.

She created a very bugged copy of WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky.



The Wa-clone's life

The clone has escaped from the machine and tried to stab Noo-Noo's vacuum tube with a knife. Noo-Noo backed away fastly and threw up Teletubby Weekend Pickles on him. Then, OVER9000WaTwinky-Doop (abbreviation) made a smash punch on Po and teleported himself inside one of the Teletubbies' old computers (a 1990's Tubbyputer) to delete all the files.

His current life status is unknown since the creation of his virus in December 2013.

Nowadays, the OVER9000Twinky-Doop virus has affected over 9000 Evilputers in Hell.

The virus

Your computer will be affected only if it is an Evil' 'puter or a Tubbyputer with the 2.5 version or higher, since the initial computer was a 2.5.

You will receive an e-mail with the following content:

The e-mail tab


Source: tubby966

Hey guyz! Guess what?  Here iz teh Link to my new page!!



Go Back/Delete/Copy source/Flag/BURN/Reply/FREESPAM

As you click the link, it will send you to a page that inputs a worm virus. The virus changes your background with OVER9000WaTwinky-Doop's picture, lets out the Wa-clone try to chop you in OVER 9000 WA-CUBES and deletes all of your computer files.

There exists a Chuck Norris Antivirus, that can delete all of the virus and restore all your files back, except that its cost is OVER 9000 dollars.

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