OPERATE NOW is a shame series that is a ripoff of Minion Emergency. Laura-chan made them with Spil Games. It's currently on Y8 main site),, and other sites that are members of the Cringeworthy Shaming League, which are shame websites with cringeworthy girly stuff and edgy fetish shames. OPERATE NOW is somehow related to Sarah's Sweet Cooking Class shames because Sarah and Laura-chan are friends and the shames are made by the same company. The shames are really cringeworthy and are somewhat lewd and edgy.

Laura got the idea from Minion Emergency (duh). Some people say she made a ripoff, well in fact she did. Illuminati Entertainment tried to sue her and threatened her to destroy Spil Games if she didn't remove her shames, but she got defended by Spil Games and they got scared because Laura-chan is exposing them.


Lara will make you perform a surgery because she's too drunk to do it herself. However she knows how it's done. She tells you not to try this at home. You have to do everything by yourself with her instructions and the you begin the surgery but the cut of a knife, and there's a time limit on a heart monitor. Three mistakes and the patient dies. If you win, you have a Specialist mode without any advice.


Biased Ratings gave her C for Cringe, not for toddlers. Recently the ratings were changed for UA (Unsafe for everyone/general audiences). It got really poor ratings and bad reviews.


  • In her new shames, Laura was replaced by another girl for an unknown reason. She got mad about this and almost got fired.
  • Lara didn't put poop in this shame even though she loves poop, pee and vomit because she LOVED THE BLOOD AND GORE FROM MINION EMERGENCY (and the shame is for all ages).
  • After a request, she appeared in the new Teletubbies series. But the episode got controversial because people were afraid to get cursed by Lara-chan. The episode is now lost since it got removed from UnTube.
  • Some YouTubers played the shames and got grossed out.
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