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O'Chunks is a bad guy, who loves to make earthquakes for no reason. He hates Tornado Mimi and Typhoon Katrina, and that could be because of the historic rivalry between Geology and Meteorology. He hates Nazis ,but that's his only good contribution because he's Jihadist. He is rumored to be in a homosexual relationship with Mr. Bad, but there's no evidence to say that is either true or false, so it's likely that he is cheating on that guy.

O'Chunks is ugly, to the point in which nobody will go near him. This is true for most earthquake men, but he's their leader. Since he's their leader, they pretty much worship him. He could be behind the 9/11 attacks, but this is yet to be confirmed. However, his worst enemies are the storm girls and their allies.


O'Chunks later sought redemption, but after in doing so, he was then brainwashed by a jester under the name of Dimentio. After his consciousness was restored, he was sent to the Dimension Jail and became the true fourth prisoner.

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