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Nyan Cat
Real-Life Nyan Cat

Real-Life Nyan Cat

*WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO* Nyan Cat spread terror by turning everything in its path into Pop-Tarts.

Nyan Cat original

Nyan Cat original

Nyan Cat in action

The Nyan Cat is a magical cat/pop tart thing and Para-Dice's cart in Mario Mart. He is known as a dead internet meme and is famous for saying only
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"Meow" like most cats. He annoys many people but some people like him A LOT. When Nyan Cat flies, he releases some sort of rainbow from under his tail. Nobody knows what it really is.

An incident once occurred where he crashed into the Bluit headquarters after going too fast.

Birth of Nyan Cat

One day, Arthur Lorenzo the 3rd was eating a strawberry-flavored Pop-tart when he wanted to heat it up in the oven instead of the toaster. He put the Pop-tart in the oven and set the timer to 52 minutes. Unfortunately, he forgot his cat now lives in the oven so the radiation from the oven caused the cat and the Pop-tart to join together, creating the Nyan Cat.

Nyan Cats Rivals/Alter Egos

He has many enemies including:

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