Numberjacks are numbers with faces who go around town and frick up stuff. They also are dealing with guys that fix the stuff they frick up. They have a show about them on CBeebies, but nobody watches it because they suck.

They are also known as 0123456789, and are the rivals of 1234567890.


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


These skrubs go around town and do good things.

  • Puzzler: Some weird sphere that looks like a head/All of the Numberjacks want him dead.
  • Problem Blob: A slime that took one too many constellas. Also has an eye on a stalk inside its mouth (don’t ask).
  • The Numbertaker: some psycho who has vacuum sleeves to steal numbers (but not letters).
  • Shape Japer: HA!
  • Spooky Spoon: An incredibly rude spoon that tries to PWN everyone and fails in the process. Regularly attacked by animals, for whatever reason. Serves her right oh GOD PLEASE DON’T GOUGE OUT MY EYEBALLS
  • Flowey the Flower: WAIT HOW DID HE GET HERE


Due to a lack of chromosomes, the Numberjacks are both Stupid and have no vocal cords, so they can't talk, instead, they lip sync to the voices of these guys:

  • Dylan Robertson as Zero
  • Beanos as One
  • Robert Watson as Two
  • Alice Baker as Three
  • Jonathan Beech as Four
  • Laura Maasland as Five
  • Oilver Keogh as Six
  • Roz Ellis as Seven, Nine
  • Harry Munday as Eight

Numberjacks episodes (they're all bad)

  1. Hero the Zero: 0 deletes all the chickens, but that was a good thing because the chickens were evil.
  2. QUICK SAY SOMETHING RANDOM: The numberjacks get ebola and 2 says "QUICK SAY SOMETHING RANDOM!!!" They all end up accidentally performing a ritual to summon the Puzzler, who also gets ebola.
  3. Discordant Discord: Numberjack 6 and Numberjack 9 post bad images in general channels. Crossover with Teletubbies and Azure’s Untitled Television Series.
  4. Marvel-ass: War Machine kills all of the Numberjacks after mistaking One for Thanos.
  5. Birth of Beanos: The Medic clones One a few too many times.
  6. Enter Beanoid: Beanos and the Numberjacks see that the 1234567890 gang has teamed up with Beanoid, Beanoid eats the Numberjacks and get shat out into the seas of Number Island.
  7. ckpookglfcxvkos: 8 teams up with Chuck Norris's family to spin the Numbertaker fast enough that he ceases to exist. First appearance of Flowey.


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