Number blocks


are a group of cake like blocks that are the Rivals of the Alphablocks.

What are Numberblocks?

Numberblocks, Like Alphablocks are living cube men, but they have the ability to turn into monsters.

People tried to eat them, since they remind them of cake! yum.

There are only fifteen

of these guys right now.

( Numberblock 0 is just a myth)

They also have a cult that worships them, but we don't wanna talk about that now.


  • Numberblock 1
  • Numberblock 2
  • Numberblock 3
  • Numberblock 4
  • Numberblock 5
  • Numberblock 6
  • Numberblock 9
  • Numberblock 10
  • Numberblock 11
  • Numberblock 12
  • Numberblock 13
  • Numberblock 14 (thinks he is sonic da haghag)
  • Numberblock 15
  • The Rumored Numberblock 0


  • NumberFanagram wanted to save the NumberBlocks.
  • Do not dare to search Numberblocks on Scratch, or you will encounter a bunch of EVIL search results.

Some NumberBlocks who wanted to help the people live lives!

  • The Terrible Twos just do a Pretty good job Killing all the Numberblocks for some reason (which triggers those stupid Numberblock Killers.)
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