Numberblock 8 is also known as Octoblock which is parts of the Numberblocks and a Teletubby Minion. When he makes this evil face shown on the picture, then he will blast his lasers that can destroy an entire city. He has done that to destroy a lot of things. He is the main rival of Alphablock X. He has tried to use the Wa-Machine which resulted in WaNumberblock 8.


He used to be a human which is born on October 8, 1888. He got infected by the Kiattin-Virus which (can) turn people into Blocks. As a block, he has a double virus which turns people into Octopuses. The 2 viruses somehow merged into one virus which he has blocks and Octopus limbs. When he went to the Krusty Krab, he made the evil face for the first time which destroyed the Krusty Krab (which got rebuilt).

Things he destroyed with his lasers

  • 5 Random Cities
  • Krusty Krab (rebuilt)
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