Not to be confused with the shame of the same name.

Number Island

Number Island is an island in the ocean that the various members of 1234567890 live on. It is their base, home, and missile housing center. It is also rigged with landmines, so be careful.

Number Island was formed when Africa accidentally ate too much (don't ask me how continents eat), and vomited everywhere. This vomit collected behind it, and planned on kicking it. But then the vomit turned good, and became an island. This is Number Island.

Numbers first started inhabiting this island in 17 AD. They went Kung Fu on the native animals, and now the numbers rule Number Island. The remaining critters where saved by Zoboomafoo and brung to a remote area of Number Island, Zobooland.

A palm tree on one of the dunes of the island.

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