Number 1 and 2 is the 27th episode of the Teletubbies (TV Series).Dipsy talks about #1 & #2 in the bathroom.
Number 1 and 2



The episode opens to Tinky Winky dancing to Let It Go. Po decides to join in. Suddenly,Laa-Laa immediately runs to the bathroom. She meets Dipsy, who is already on the toilet.Dipsy gets up, and lets laa laa on it. While She is taking a dump, Dipsy turns to the viewers. He talks abut #1 and 2. The screen goes into Dipsy's TV Screen in his tummy and it shows videos of Number 1 and 2. A Short while after that's over, Laa Laa is finished.Tinky Winky and Po had finished dancing their pants off.Laa-Laa accidentally throws the poo at Tinky Winky and Dipsy and Po laugh at him. He eventually decides he's had ENOUGH!! Tinky Winky starts beating THE HELL Out of the other Teletubbies of all the crap he suffered. He gets a knife and stabs them. He chops Po's head off (In response to Shut Up Tinky Winky!,Dumps Dipsy in an incinerator, Kills Thumper as revenge, Smashes Laa-Laa's head with a hammer. He then goes outside and Kills Other people who abused and hurted him. Including Shigeru Miyamoto because of Fan Club,George W. Bush because of George W. Bush's Easter Special,His Bag and the message pipe. Oh, and the Evil Gorilla.Everything in the land was slaughtered. After that rampage, He moved to live with the much nicer Wonky Donkey.Everything, of course, respawned for the next episode.


Parents AND Children didn't like this because they hate Tinky Winky.It also made them to be Tinky Winky their favourite TV Character because they were afraid he was going to kill them when they say that.

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