Cquote1 Nothing, Nonexistence, not anything, anything, everything, not everything, all things, No things, absence, non-absence, they are one and the same. Regardless of name choice, they are all unmatched in capacity. Nothing knows what it is, it is above everyone, the biggest -verses, the Gods, any entity, and even reality itself. Nothing exists everywhere, however, it is nonexistent at the same time, and any (im)possible and (in)definable form of (non)existing, none(all) of the above, and infinitely none at the same time. However, even the previous statements are invalidated by the true meaning of Nothing. Cquote2
Some Random N00b

Nothing is a mysterious thing that made everything in the UnOmniverse, and everything else. It has created stuff like the Teletubbies, Chuck Norris, and even You!!! It is the ultimate thing, the thing that will stay for an eternity.


The Ultimate Thing: Nothing

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