Joel nukes Norway

Joel nukes Norway

The first nuking of Norway

Norway is a place that got nuked all the time. The reason it was nuked all the time is because the Next President in 2016 planned to nuke Norway and quickly lose his place as President. As everyone in the Unworld hates him for that. Other then being nuked all the freakin' time. Norway is a great place. idiots own Norway however. So the economy is bad and it has alot of criminals. Strange people run aorund in minivans and run over everyone. We  actually take it back, Norway is a horrible place to live. Elsa lives here. It is also Summer forever there. And people end up burning to death. It one time was as hot as the Sun. Anna still somehow has not melted yet though. People test on Norway and notice the insane amount of global warming since the first nuking happened. It also has many bomb tests to plan a attack against Joel's dictatorship. This happened, and the Norwegian Civil War happened.

Dictator Norway flag

Norway's flag while it was a dictatorship.

Many people who cant take over the world decode to jsut go for Norway instead. Its super easy to take over but rulers keep battleing to rule Norway. A list of rulers or Norway and how long they ruled is below.

Eventually, Norway gained independence from Soviet Russia in 1991 and was taken back into a happy and safe place by the Vikings.

Norway Flag

Norway's flag after becoming a Karkatocracy

Karkat Vantas ruled Norway for a while, but he abandoned his place as ruler in favor of Thor.

Rulers of Norway

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