Norton the Dog is evil. In fact, he is so evil that he voted for Donald Trump! His UnRank is -9001. He is the main target of the entire H4XXOR league.

Norton the evil dog

Stuff about him

He likes wearing yellow capes and masks because he says yellow is an evil color. Alot of people want to kill him. He's BAD. WHEN I SAY BAD, I MEAN BAAAAAD TO THE BONE. He has the ability to "digitize" into computers and ruin good websites. Because of this, Michael Jackson hired Bill Gates to kill him. But he failed. Norton can burn through anything with his laser vision and he can fly. He can also breathe in space and drain energy from things. He also got beat up by Doge and the ghost of Steve Jobs.

His (terrible) life

He was just a little pup when the idiots from a website that is worse than Hillary Clinton called adopted him and slowly brainwashed him into the stupid freak he is today. This got the attention of PETA, who kicked everyone in in the crotch and ran off with norton. Norton got his website blocking powers from some weird mushrooms. People thought he was gonna use it for good but Norton was incredibly dumb so he blocked all the good websites and unblocked all the bad ones. This got the attention of Sans, who dunked him into the canals of Venice. Some say he survived a Cthulhu attack, some say his brain grew in size and he finally learned how to swim.

Things he did

  • He joined Alphablock W's army for a short time
  • Stole candy from babies
  • Voted for Donald Trump
  • Tried to fight Chuck Norris but failed
  • He ruined Wikia. This is why we once considered moving to ShoutWiki.
  • Stealing kidneys from trolls
  • He stole WaBenson's right kidney
  • Killed 4 alphablocks

Stuff that happened to him

  • A yoshi ate him.
  • He got pissed on from a dude flying a blimp
  • Sans dunked on him
  • He was impaled by a knife made of butter
  • He got H4XXED
  • He got dunked on and H4XXED at the same time
  • Happycat accidentally the building he was on, Sans dunked him into the Venetian canal system, he had bad things done to him by the Suspiciously Frisky Dolphin, Happycat NEDMed him into the stratosphere, he got blown off Captain 0's cloud, then got hit by a meteorite and ASPLODED, all within 2 minutes
  • WaWaBenson stole his right kidney
  • Ducky shot him with both his DD-Ray and DD-Rifle, froze him with a Snowtomic Bomb and ran over his frozen corpse 5 times with the Quadgun.
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